Water acount

  • Collection of water meter readings is a monthly problem for residents and management companies.
  • Remote data collection without wires and base stations
  • Alerts for magnets, leaks and reverse flow of water
  • Cloud service without a monthly fee

Energy acount
Remote collection of electricity meter readings. Control of consumption for each tariff and uploading data to third-party accounting systems.

Gaz acount
Collect gas meter readings remotely. Control your spending from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Hot acount
Monitor the readings of heat meters through any Internet browser or using a mobile application for your smartphone.

Control of latent leaks and overruns
Receive an email with suspicious equipment consumption: poor-quality pipe connection, poorly closed tap, broken irrigation system hose, and so on.

Pressure control
Control the pressure of air, water in heating, water supply, cooling systems from anywhere in the world. Receive an EMAIL notification if the pressure has gone beyond the limits you set.