Контроль скрытых утечек и перерасхода

Control of latent leaks and overruns

Get  a letter to Email in case of suspicious water consumption: poor-quality pipe connection, poorly closed faucet, torn irrigation system hose, etc.

Hidden leakage or uncontrolled waste of water is a situation when there is no fountain from a broken tap or a broken pipe, but the water flows evenly in a place hidden from the eyes and does not fall on the leakage sensors.

Our controllers constantly analyze water consumption and help to find out about the problem in time.

It is important to understand that a hidden leak is dangerous not only by the risk of flooding neighbors. Continuously flowing water increases the level of humidity in the room and creates conditions for the development of mold, which has a detrimental effect on the health of residents.

The solution will help owners of apartments in new buildings to detect the problem in time if the developer has performed poor-quality installation of the water supply system and plumbing.

Automatic detection of hidden leaks

The function of automatic detection of excessive water consumption is present in all our controllers. You need to configure its parameters when configuring the channel of the device to which the water meter is connected.

How it works: If during the configured interval the water flows continuously, evenly and more than 50 liters have poured out, then the OIOT controller will record the suspicion of an accident and notify the owner of the danger.

The minimum monotonous flow threshold of 50 liters is set to protect against false alarms (during the operation of household appliances, washing dishes, the operation of filtration systems, etc.).

Recommended overflow detection interval: 15-30 minutes.

Controller setting interface

The controller will detect both a slow trickle and a large flow of water, as long as the water flows at a constant speed.

The reason for overspending can be:

  • Poorly closed or faulty faucet;

  • Toilet cistern button stuck

  • A burst ball valve or pipe;

  • Leaking fitting;

  • Too long bath or prolonged cleaning

  • and other similar situations.

Hidden water leak alert

In our system, you can set up two ways to notify about suspicious water consumption: by e-mail.

The number or name of the meter in the message will help you understand where the water overrun is recorded. If, after eliminating the possible causes of overflow, you did not receive a notification about the elimination of overflow, then you probably encountered a hidden water leak and you need to inspect the water supply system.

A notification is sent immediately after a suspicious expense is detected. You can set up a convenient notification method in your account on the Object Settings page.

Continuous flow of water, especially when no one is at home, may indicate a latent leak. Consumption peaks that are out of the general schedule signal a possible malfunction of plumbing or the extravagance of residents.

A complete leak protection system

Hidden Leak Detection is not a complete water leak detection solution, but provides an additional layer of protection. 

For effective flood protection, we recommend connecting  leakage sensors and ball valves with electric drive. Such a system will allow you to quickly shut off the water supply in the event of an emergency leak, and in case of a potential danger of flooding, it will notify you of a possible threat.

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