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Monitor the readings of heat meters through any Internet browser or using a mobile application for your smartphone.

Readings can be taken directly from the meter or remotely by connecting an OIOT remote data transmission device to it.

Saures compatibility with heat meters

Saures data collection and transmission device is compatible with ITELMA BERILL heat meters.

Indications from the heat meter in your account

Heat meter readings are displayed in a personal account, which is accessed through an Internet browser or mobile application.

By default, you see heat consumption data for the current date. By changing the number, you can view the readings for any day for the entire period of operation of the device.

For owners of several real estate objects (house, apartment, cottage, etc.), all readings will be collected in one personal account.

Receiving and sending heat readings

You receive readings in your personal account and / or by e-mail.

To receive and send readings by mail, you set up the recipients and the date the readings are sent. Further, emails are formed and sent automatically on the appointed day.

The recipients of the letter can be residents, owners, regional gas suppliers (if they accept testimony by e-mail), a management company, an HOA or a housing cooperative.

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