Учет электроэнергии

Energy acount

Remote collection of electricity meter readings. Control of consumption for each tariff and uploading data to third-party accounting systems.

Connect OIOT controllers to meters and get electricity readings through a mobile application or Internet browser. Set up automatic sending of readings to yourself, to the management company, HOA, housing cooperative.

How remote collection of electricity meter readings works

The algorithm is simple: the electric meter records the consumption of electricity;  the OIOT controller collects and transmits this data to the processing and storage system; you receive data from the system using an accessible interface in the personal account of our cloud).

The controller transmits the collected readings via an available WiFi network: home, public or enterprise network and transmits data on electricity consumption to the system's cloud service.

The owner of an apartment, house or office connects to a personal account in the cloud through an Internet browser or a mobile application for android or iOS.

Electric meter readings in your account

Electricity meter readings are displayed in a personal account, which is accessed through an Internet browser or mobile application.

By default, you see consumption data for the current date. By changing the number, you can view the readings for any day for the entire period of operation of the device.

Receiving and sending electricity meter readings

You receive readings in your personal account and / or by e-mail.

To receive and send readings by mail, you set up the recipients and the date the readings are sent. Further, emails are formed and sent automatically on the appointed day.

The recipients of the letter can be residents, owners, management company, HOA, housing cooperative, electricity supplier (if he accepts testimony by e-mail).

Send electricity meter readings to email

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