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Collect gas meter readings remotely. Control your spending from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

The Saures system allows you to control gas consumption, remotely collect readings and send them automatically. Any gas meter with a pulse output of standards can be connected to the system: REED, NAMUR and open collector.

To connect your gas meter to a remote flow monitoring system, you will need an OIOT controller. We have developed a controller with data transmission via Wi-Fi  net.

How it works

The controller captures the pulses coming from the gas meter and thus determines the current meter readings and resource consumption. Once a day, the controller transmits consumption data to the OIOT.RU cloud. The cloud stores data and provides the user with access to it through a web browser and mobile application. If the user has set up a schedule for sending readings in the Saures personal account, the cloud will automatically send readings to the specified email on the right day.

Checking gas meter readings in your account

You can see the current readings of your meters in the personal account of the OIOT.RU system. The cabinet can be accessed through any web browser or mobile phone.

By default, you see gas consumption data for the current date. By changing the number, you can view the data for any day from the archive of your readings.

Saures account gas meter

If you have several real estate objects (house, apartment, cottage, etc.), then all objects can be added to one personal account. Thus, meter readings from different objects will be available in one personal account.

Auto Submit Gas Readings

Our system allows the user to set up one or more schedules for automatically sending gas meter readings. Readings are sent via email as an automatically generated email. You can specify multiple recipients at once.

Settings for sending gas readings

To set up a schedule, simply add the recipients' addresses (your own, RSO, UK, etc.) and select the date for sending the readings. The recipients of the letter can be residents, owners, regional gas suppliers (if they accept testimony by e-mail), a management company, an HOA or a housing cooperative. So, for residents of Moscow, the gas supplier (Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Moscow LLC) takes testimony by email.

Additional features

By connecting your gas meter to OIOT controllers, you get not only remote collection and automatic sending of readings. The system can control the stoppage of gas consumption and inform the owner about it. Such functionality is especially relevant for owners of private houses and will help prevent the heating system from stopping.

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