Water acount

Collecting water meter readings is a monthly problem for residents and management companies.

Tenants regularly forget to hand over their testimony. As a result, they receive receipts with accruals “according to the average”, they spend their time on finding out the reasons and settling disputes. Many people do not like the need to look into a dusty plumbing closet every month. Often the meters are installed in such a way that it is physically impossible to see the readings.

Management companies receive incomplete data on water consumption, high consumption for ODN and constant disagreements with resource supply companies.

The OIOT resource accounting system solves the problems of both residents and management companies by providing automatic remote collection of readings using Wi-Fi wireless technologies.

Do I need to change the installed water meters?

For remote data acquisition, we have developed a device: OIOT SI-2.

If the apartment has already installed pulse metering devices of the GERKON or NAMUR standard, then there is no need to replace them. You will get water meters with remote reading by simply connecting any of our controllers to the water meters.

You can determine if the meter has a pulse output by the wires sticking out of it. Also, this information is always indicated in the meter passport.

Most manufacturers have such devices in their product lines. A list of models tested for compatibility can be found on the Compatible Hardware page.

If your water meter does not fit, then pay attention to the models or ready-made equipment kits in our catalog.

How does remote reading work?

At the first stage, you need to connect the meters to the controller and configure it:

  1. Map the connected counters with the channels of the device.
  2. Configure access settings for your Wi-Fi network. The controller will transmit data through this network.
  3. Set additional options as needed. For example, enable an algorithm for detecting hidden water leaks.

After completing the settings, the USPD for remote reading of water meters goes into operating mode and continuously captures the flow signals coming from metering devices. Once a day (frequency is configurable), the device transfers data to the OIOT cloud service.

Now meter readings for the current or past day can be viewed through the web account and mobile application. Access to the "Personal Account"  free - we do not charge a monthly fee for using the basic functions of the system.

"Personal account" provides users with additional functions:

  • Plotting water consumption with a breakdown  days and months.
  • Accounting for multiple properties.
  • Service for automatic transmission of readings by email to any management company or to the mos.ru portal.
  • For management companies, data can be uploaded to 1C.

You can connect the meters and configure the controller yourself or use the services of our partners.

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