Hot water meter ITELMA 15mm -110mm REED WFW 24

Hot water meter ITELMA 15mm -110mm REED WFW 24
  • Article: WFW.24.D110
L=110 mm, DN 15,  with imp. out. REED, without surges, verification 6 years

A high quality water meter designed to measure the volume of hot water flowing through a pipeline. The counter is vane, single-jet, dry-running. Calibration interval 6 years, service life 12 years. Mounting length 110 mm excluding fittings.

Cold and hot water meters are identical in their characteristics and differ only in a strip on the dial: blue for cold water and red for hot. If necessary, a cold meter can be used as a hot one, and a hot one as a cold one. With such a replacement, do not forget to make a corresponding mark on the counter so as not to get confused in the readings!

Please note that connecting fittings are not included in the kit. They should be purchased separately or used already installed from the old meter. The meter outlets have an external connection thread with a diameter of 3/4", with the use of fittings the transition to a diameter of 1/2" is carried out.

The meter has a telemetric output for connection to water metering systems. Output 2-wire type GERCON. Impulse weight 10 l/imp.


  • Pack Size 75 x 80 x 120
  • Country of manufacture Russia
  • Diameter (DN) 15mm
  • Interface REED
  • Class of accuracy B
  • Article WFW.24.D110
  • Weight 480
  • Warranty period 72
  • Installation length 110mm
  • Verification interval 6
  • Manufacturer ITELMA
Hot water meter ITELMA 15mm -110mm REED WFW 24

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